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Keeping Woodpeckers Away From Your House
In order to keep the woodpeckers away from your house, you will need to know what attracts them. If your home is a source of food for the woodpeckers, then they will definitely be coming and staying close. For example, if there is a bug infestation in your home, the woodpecker will settle in the house to easily access the bugs. That is why, it is important to treat your house for bugs in a regular way. In addition, this bird will be attracted to your house if it already started a hole in it. In this case, when you find a hole in your house, you should plug as soon as it is possible.
Woodpeckers do not like loud sounds. To take advantage from this fact, you can set a motion sensors that will make a noise when a bird is sensed. The bird, thus, will not get comfortable; instead, it will move and find another place to settle in. For example, you can set the sound of another bird in distress, and that will make the bird fly away. In addition, you can use plastic molds of birds which the woodpecker is afraid of, such as owls or hawks. However, you should remember to keep changing the place of these plastic molds so that the birds will not notice that they are not real. Moreover, you can find repellents that will help keep the woodpeckers away. A bird repellent tape is very effective to keep the birds from coming and staying at your house. Also, if you install things like aluminum foil or scattered mirrors to reflect the sun, it will keep the unwanted birds away.
The most effective way that will make the woodpeckers stay away is by installing nets on the house. The nets will prevent the birds from landing and perching on the side of the house. You do not even need to drill the nets into your house if you do not want to. Instead, you can affix them using adhesive.
This is mostly effective when the birds peck in a small area. In larger wooden houses, it may be difficult to apply this technique, but it is still doable. You can leave the nets from mere weeks to even months long. This way, the woodpeckers will learn to search for a different area and use it.