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Welcome to Bird Removal of Denver! We specialize in the humane and effective resolution of human/bird conflicts in the Denver metro region, and throughout Colorado. Whether you have a single bird in a building, or need to prevent pigeon roosting (and bird droppings) on a large architectural project, we can solve your Denver bird problem effectively and professionally. We install exclusion materials to keep birds away, and even provide pigeon trapping as a means of Denver bird removal. We are not a pest control company, but rather wildlife, bat, and bird specialists only. Click on our Denver Prices page to find out more about our prices for bird control work. You can also read the topics addressed on this website to learn more about how to resolve your specific bird conflict. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Denver Bird Removal Tip:

What should I do about pigeons in my chimney?
Pigeons are perhaps categorized to be one of the most disturbing birds to ever live. This is because, they will certainly interrupt and disrupt the working capacity of the chimney and even destroy it. This makes it even more expensive to keep on removing the nests and all the dirty in it. Therefore, something urgent needs to be done.
Reasons for coming
Before you even begin to remove the pigeons out of your way, it is very good that you first of know why the pigeons are in your chimney. Get the specific attraction in your chimney and then now you can decide what next that you can do to it. This should be the primary thing before starting any evacuation procedure.
After that…
After you have known the reason why the birds have paid you a visit, it is time that you get some real action in the air. Now that you have a clear knowledge of what the animal want from your chimney. Now it is time to deal with it.
• Remove the attraction in site. Chimneys form very attractive site for nesting and even brooding. Therefore, you can do something to prevent the pigeons from accessing the chimney in the most effective way.
• Cover the chimney well and in order. Covering the chimney means that you deny the pigeons from getting into the chimney. This can be very good especially if you can limit their entry and still get the chimney functioning in the best possible way.
• Destroy all the nests you find in the chimney. If you don’t want to cover that chimney or remove something vital in the chimney that happens to be the main attraction of the pigeons, then consider destroying the nests. This might push away the pigeons into a different zone away from your chimney.
• Set some traps in the chimney. When all is said and done and seems not to be working for the best part, then you can try setting up some traps in the chimney that will see to it that the pigeons are caught. Then afterwards, you can decide what to do with the pigeons.
Closing word
Getting the pigeons out of your chimney should be an easy process without any complications or difficulties. Therefore, with such elaborated points above, then you have all what it takes to secure your premises.