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Welcome to Bird Removal of Lexington! We specialize in the humane and effective resolution of human/bird conflicts in the Lexington metro region, and throughout Kentucky. Whether you have a single bird in a building, or need to prevent pigeon roosting (and bird droppings) on a large architectural project, we can solve your Lexington bird problem effectively and professionally. We install exclusion materials to keep birds away, and even provide pigeon trapping as a means of Lexington bird removal. We are not a pest control company, but rather wildlife, bat, and bird specialists only. Click on our Lexington Prices page to find out more about our prices for bird control work. You can also read the topics addressed on this website to learn more about how to resolve your specific bird conflict. We look forward to hearing from you.

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For bird control and general wildlife removal, visit the Lexington KY Pest Animal website.

What is pigeon shock track?

The pigeon shock track on the other hand is also an efficient way to deter the pigeons, however, it is not a humane way of deterring pigeons in various parts of the globe, particularly in the UK. Even if the system might not bring damage or injury to the pigeons through this device which is electronically powered, it can possibly scare the pigeon and so it may break the wildlife law. Based on the data of the suppliers of the product, this electric shock system is efficient in various kinds of birds, but it is primarily used to deter the pigeons and to control their numbers. Even if the e-shock system can be useful for any kind of surfaces, the primary app for the product may be to control the numbers of pigeons in the suburbs thus it will prevent a possible pigeon infestation.

For those that are interested in buying the shock track, you have to check first in your locality if it is legal to use, so you will not be in trouble. This may be used to control the bird from landing in your place. It is based on an electric fence technology where the fence will be used to keep the bird from invading the restricted area without the need to install a permanent kind of fence. The idea behind the shock track is to control the pigeon using a low voltage shock system, which will hit the feet of the creature that will land on the track that is electrically powered. The traditional ones contain 2 wires, housed on a track and then it runs on a parallel method.

One of the wires will bring the electric current from the working terminal of the power box and the other wire is linked to the earth terminal of the power source. This will work by hitting the feet that will be in close contact with both wires. There is a research that has shown how that track can prevent the bird from nesting in the house using the active wire that must be installed close to the primary edge of the ledge. One of the common problems, why the shock track fails to deter pigeons is because of the inappropriate supply of power to the device. The average power box must have more than 9,000V of electricity, however, if the voltage will fall below 4,000V, some birds will be able to withstand the current and they will not be scared of it, thus the efficiency is lessened. This can be solved when you use an insulated cable with the resistance to more than 9,000V. Poor connections may also be another reason why the device fails to do its job.