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Starling Control Method
If you are tired of having starlings on your property or sick of having to clean up after them, then you must surely be looking for ways to control and get rid of these noisy birds. Because of their living habits as well as their eating and nesting habits, these types of birds can be found in both urban and rural areas. However, if you face this problem, you can learn of humane ways to get rid of these birds.
Starlings look like the Blackbirds, but they have shorter tails and a different shape of wings. Typically, starlings can be found everywhere except the dry sandy desserts. You can find them in areas where there are gardens, parks, and trees. They may also be found in the city as they roost on buildings and on trees. These birds will have their nest in trees, in buildings, and even in holes within the ground. They can be bothersome and even destructive. Generally, starlings damage crops. They eat the seeds, the grains, and the fruit. The large quantity of waste produced by these animals will result in an expensive clean up and repair. They may even be dangerous as they can transfer diseases and viruses. In addition, these birds are simply very loud and annoying.
So, what is the best method in excluding these annoying birds? The key into a successful managing problems with the starlings, is to stop the problem before it actually becomes a major problem. In order for your method to be effective, you will have to face the problem before the site becomes and strong attraction for the birds. In addition, you will have to be persistent. It is very important that you do not stop trying until the problem is dealt with. If you do not face the problem completely, it will become harder and harder to get rid of the starlings. Moreover, you will have to try a variety of techniques. If you try one that does not work, then move on to the other. Also, it may be helpful to use various techniques at the same time. This will make you more aggressive in facing the problem.
In order to modify the starling’s roosting habits, you can use bird netting. It is the most efficient way to exclude starlings as well as other birds. The bird netting is a physical barrier that will prevent these birds from landing or nesting. You can use at any opening in the building, whether horizontally or vertically. That way, you will close access to any unwanted bird.