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Do More Pigeons Live In Urban Areas, Or Wild Areas?
With huge flocks of pigeons being seen in the urban areas most people are now having opinion that there are more pigeons in the urban areas than in the wild. While that is truth it still depends on the pigeon specie. There are several species of pigeons and each of them eats on different things which usually determine their attraction to particular place. The pigeon specie that feed on grains, seeds and other seed sources as well as huge refuse like fast food waste will definitely be attracted to the urban areas than to the wild.
Some of the Reasons Why More Pigeons Live In Urban Areas than In Wild
Urban encroachment to the wild is the number one reason why most wild animals are now finding their way to the urban areas and preferring staying in the urban than the wild where they belongs. The pigeons are not exception in this as they are now moving in large number to the urban areas and never want to move back to the wild for anything. Most of their habitat has been completely damaged and they have no choice than to look for alternative.
Enough Food Sources in the Urban Than In the Wild
Due to high human activities in the urban areas which result to availability of enough food sources to pigeons, they are now more attracted to the urban than to the wild. More so, in most public parks majority of people love feeding pigeon and watching them fly around in excitement while eating the meal. That is another reason for increase in population of pigeon in the urban areas than in the wild.
Prohibition of Killing Pigeon in the Urban
Another reason is that most states and countries of the world prohibited killing pigeon. So, that has giving the bird the well power to move around freely, live in any available space, and feed on any possible food around. The countries that do not have such law covering pigeon will have scanty of them in the urban.
Availability of Enough Roosting Space for Pigeon in the Urban Area
Most public monuments, parks and houses have been converted to pigeon house and roosting place. For that reason, pigeons now have large area to roost near surplus available food sources. That is simply among the reasons why move pigeons are today found in the urban areas than in the wild.