Free Bird Control and Removal - City or County Service

Will the city or county animal services help me with a bird issue: Birds which appear as pests always act as a great source of trouble for states, cities and other different kinds of urban settlements. You can put a look at history it will become apparent that different structures like libraries, bridges, court buildings, transport depots and highways have all become victims of birds which act as pests. The presence of birds acts as a great source of different kinds of problems without any doubt, but their droppings are harmful enough to cause serious threats and problems and appear as health hazards as well. In different areas bird droppings appear as a source of great concern because not only the outlook of a property is damaged, but also the structural integrity of buildings gets destroyed.

The nature of droppings is acidic because of this reason they bring serious kinds of damages for signage, steel structures, plastic and stones. The material which is normally used by birds for the purpose of nesting is also a source of problem because in many cases incidents have occurred heated bulbs and wiring caused fire breakouts in the nests of birds. In addition to all this, we can never forget the point that bird droppings cause a variety of diseases, which are lethal and can cause dangerous outcomes.

The biggest problem related with birds is that these creatures have successfully adopted towards the environment of cities so it is very difficult to get rid of them. Cities without any doubt provide many handsome living opportunities as there is abundance of food sources, better temperature and climatic conditions and more places for making nests and roosting. Keeping in view all these factors it is not difficult to understand that why birds have been so much successful when it is about getting adjusted in environments of cities. However, penetration of birds in human societies is not a good sign and has its own issues and complications so it is best that proper measures should always be taken for dealing with the problem.
Dealing with the Birds
Dealing with birds is never easy especially when you want to remove pests from the main environment. Many people make different kinds of failed attempts and in the end call animal control services with the hope that they will solve the problem. However the main question which arises here is that will the city or county animal services help with a bird issue? The most straight and honest answer to this question is NO. These services have been primarily designed for wildlife control so they are only good at dealing with rodents and other forms of wild life like reptiles etc. Their level of knowledge as well as equipment is only good for wild animals so they are never fit for the job. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that they will bring more harm than good. Calling wild life services is not the ideal thing to do in any case so you should better avoid this.
Tactics for bird Control
It is ideal to install measures at the time of construction of buildings for saving the time, which is wasted on birds control methods. Many contractors have access to specialized equipment so installation of the bird deterrent is not only simple, but also cost effective. Proactive approach is considered as best for getting saved from defacement as well as damages. However, if you haven’t taken steps at the time of building construction, then another prominent strategy is to drive away birds as soon as you start noticing their activities. If you will delay or wait for too long, then birds will become stubborn and they will resist leaving.  

Methods for Bird Control:
Bird Net
It is generally recommended for removing birds from enclosed areas and overhangs. These actually work by creating physical barriers that will stop birds from making nests. Installation of netting is also easy and there are no associated complications.
Bird Spikes
It is obvious that birds are not going to land on an area, which appears dangerous to them and this is the main concept present behind using bird spikes. These spikes provide a wide area for protection and also don’t have any kind of special requirements related with maintenance as well. They are simple to install and easy to use.
Bird Slope
This is another form of deterrent that is very good at blocking birds from nesting or landing in 90 degree regions. This device is good for not only small, but also larger birds and wide ledges extenders are also present. Panels are normally made using Ultra Violate protected PVCs for ensuring better resistance against weather and sun.
In simple words there are many physical methods of bird removal that can be applied, but calling animal services is not going to help at all. You can handle the situation on your own in a brilliant manner, but still if things are not coming in control then we suggest that it is best to call professional bird control experts because they are the most compatible individuals for dealing with the job. Their techniques will not only be effective, but also long lasting.

It is in very rare cases that you will be able to get free bird control and removal from the local city or county service. You may come across a friendly individual from time to time, with a little bit of time on their hands, who is willing to help; but there's a much higher chance that you will get told to deal with this problem on your own (if you’re a homeowner), or call upon your landlord (if you're not). 

City and county services are already stretched to capacity trying to keep track of the bird problem on the buildings in the area. They simply do not have the funds, time, or resources to help with residential or commercial nuisance bird problems, too. The same applies for other types of wildlife; unless the animals are causing a problem to public safety, such as in parks or other public spaces, there is very little that city or county services will be able to do. 

You may find free or reduced bird control and removal if you have a rare species of bird, or if you have an injured bird that requires rehabilitation. Local rehabilitators can help you with the latter.