How to use one-way exclusion funnels to remove birds without trapping them

Birds are often welcome guests around our homes. Because of their colorful plumage, and in-flight antics, they can be lots of fun to watch. Songbirds are Pleasant to listen to, and consume huge amounts of bugs and other pests around your home and property. Despite their virtues, if they decide to roost in your barn, vacant buildings, or roof eaves and attic, they became a problem and you want them out. Flocks of birds can cause a myriad of problems. The cacophony of chirping can go on throughout the day, destruction of plants and trees is possible, and the huge piles of stinky droppings that will be left around are inevitable. There is a wide variety of different methods of bird control on the market today, but most are ineffective, involve dangerous poisons, or are inhumane.

Cage (live) traps can be an effective way to catch them, but then what do you with a live bird? Electric traps might kill your unwanted guest, but now you have a body to deal with, and have killed a bird. Poisons and pesticides have several drawbacks. In most cases, they do not work. When they do work, they leave a rail of poisoned bodies lying around creating another serious hazard. They can be extremely dangerous to your family, pets, other wildlife, and the environment. .
Methods like sonic emitters, Mylar ribbons, Scarecrows, and bright lights on all night have their own drawbacks. Critics of sonic emitters call them a high priced gimmick that can actually attract some types of birds with its high pitched frequency. Scare devices like ribbons and scarecrows only work a brief period of time before the birds realize it can’t harm them, and just ignore them. Playing a radio all night can be nerve racking for the homeowner and the neighbors. Before you give up, let us suggest a simple but effective method of dealing with your bird problem. The one way exclusion funnel could be the perfect solution for ridding your home and other buildings of birds.
This clever device can be purchased at most any hardware or feed store, or you can do it yourself using just a few simple items. The one way exclusion funnel takes advantage of the bird’s own doorway to permanently evict the bird. The device is made from a piece of ¼ “hardware wire rolled into the shape of a funnel. Attach it to the outside of the building with screws over the bird’s own entrance/exit. You can find the bird’s “doorway” by examining the building thoroughly for droppings and feathers. If you are observant, you can also see the birds coming and going. Seal off any extra openings you might find. You want the birds to have only one way in or out (unless you wish to use more than one funnel).
Once you have made your device, Attach the wide end of the one way exclusion funnel over the bird hole(s). Using the bird’s own hole so as to not alert the animal to danger, makes the One-way exclusion funnel a perfect eradication device. The One way Exclusion funnel requires no bait, electricity, or poison, to use. The idea is a simple but effective. The bird exits its nest using the existing hole. When it does, it passes through the wide end of the funnel which is covering the hole. It is able to pass through the funnel’s narrow end, with no problem. As the bird pushes through the small funnel end, it collapses down, leaving a hole too small for re- entry. When the bird returns, it realizes it can’t get back in. After a few tries, and checking for other means of entry, the bird will give up and seek another nesting place.
Be persistent in using the exclusion funnel. The funnel must remain installed as long as any birds occupy the building to insure complete eviction. You must also know when the birds are gone. Once you are certain all birds are gone and you have searched for nests that could contain eggs, or babies, remove the exclusion funnel (s) and seal up the hole(s). This last step is very important. You do not want to leave eggs or young behind to die and rot in your building. Once you are certain that the space is cleared of all birds, make sure to clean the area thoroughly with a good disinfectant. Your One-way exclusion funnel(s) can be saved for future use. Once you are rid of your unwanted guests, take precautions to avoid re-infestation. Make food and water less accessible to birds, and examine your structure(s) for damage and holes that could allow birds in.