How To Clean Goose Poop Outside

Bird droppings are an unsightly nuisance as well as having the potential to harm certain surfaces such as automotive paint. Just one goose can poop every twenty minutes, dropping up to 1½ pounds of poop daily. That’s a lot of goose poop! If it’s on your property, it’s up to you to clean it up because you certainly don’t want to step in it, or have the kids or dogs tracking it into the house. If you let it go, it will dry, which makes it even harder to clean up. Because it is highly acidic, when it solidifies on a surface, it can damage that surface. Here are some ways to clean up after geese.

Use Water
If the poop is on your lawn or driveway and it’s fresh, just get out the garden hose and turn it on with enough force to wash the poop away. In the grass, it can more or less dissipate and seep into the dirt. Depending on what type of street or road you live on will depend on whether or not you can wash the poop from your driveway into the road. Be considerate of your neighbors!

Removing Dried Poop From Driveways
If the poop has dried on the concrete or asphalt driveway or sidewalk, you will have to work a little harder at getting it off. First of all, put on some disposable or washable gloves. Hose the spot to get it wet and soften the dried poop. Or you can lay a wet cloth over the spot to soften it. Then take a stiff scrubbing brush or broom and scrub the area to get the remainder off. Then clean the brush well.

Getting It Off Carpet
If you have an outdoor rug or carpeting on your patio or porch, or if some goose poop has gotten tracked into your house onto the carpet, use a wet cloth to wipe up what you can. Then spray on some carpet/upholstery cleaner and let it soak for a couple of minutes to soften before attempting to wipe it up again with the wet cloth. If you don’t have any carpet cleaner on hand, try laundry soap or other liquid soap. Adding a little vinegar to it will help deodorize the carpet.

Cleaning Other Surfaces
For removing goose poop from your car, hardwood decking, or other smooth surfaces, lay a warm, wet cloth over the mess and let it soak for a few minutes. Then, carefully wipe up the mess. If it doesn’t all come up the first time, use some appropriate cleaner and a gentle brush to remove the remaining poop.

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