How To Get Rid Of Birds On Patio And Keep Them From Pooping There

Birds can lead to all sorts of problems when they take up residence on your patio, and for most homeowners the largest concern is them going to the bathroom and leaving a mess behind. Whether you have birds on your patio you want to get rid of or you simply want to prevent them from every choosing to take up residence there, the following advice can help.

Consult A Professional
Your best option for removing birds from your patio will always be consulting a professional. While this will cost a little bit up front, the small investment will be well worth it as your patio will be free from birds in very little time. In addition to getting rid of the birds, an expert will likely provide you with advice as to how to keep them away in the future, making their knowledge invaluable.

Make Your Entire Yard Less Bird-Friendly
Start by taking away any elements of your yard that make it seem bird-friendly. This means removing that birdfeeder, even if it on the other side of your house from your porch. You should also empty out any fountains you have or bird baths as the water there will attract the birds. To further eliminate their potential shelter, get rid of shrubs by the patio and prune back any trees nearby, as these provide excellent spots for perching, hiding, and nesting. Just make sure that you don’t hurt any animals who already live in the shrubs or trees while doing this.

If You Use Deterrents, Go With Ones That Move
There are numerous deterrents that claim to keep birds away by scaring them. While some people have luck with owl decoys or other predator decoys, this is not typically the case. You will see better results with objects that move. Good choices include shiny balloons or streamers. You can even make your own reflective streamers out of aluminum foil you have lying around. The birds will theoretically be unsure what these things are and just choose to stay away.

Install Bird Spikes
If there are specific areas of your patio that the birds seem to prefer, install bird spikes there. Alternatively, you can install these on enticing areas right by the patio that the birds may use. Good spots include patio railings and gutters. The spikes are exactly what they sound like and make it impossible for the birds to land there, without causing them any harm.

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