Seagull removal - Sea gull control methods

Seagulls are birds with a high level of intelligence and commonly they are found in abundance is coastal regions, rivers and the inland lakes. These birds show high degree of adaptability thanks to their scavenger nature and generally can drink fresh as well as salt water. They can eat almost everything from pieces of garbage to dead fish so it is always easy for them to find food because they don’t show any kind of specific preferences. Coming towards their physical appearance the creatures are18-24 inches tall and weight 2-3 pounds. Their body is of light color, wings are of grey to black shade. In accordance with specie coloring can also change. The most important point related with gulls is that they are protected by federal as well as state laws so any kind of control method should be adopted after carefully taking legal advice from experts for avoiding any kind of issue or problem.

Problems caused by seagulls: There are different problems which people experience because of seagulls especially when they increase in numbers. Most often these problems are common at the dump sites because of good number of feeding options that are present. The harbors areas also welcome good number of seagulls for the same reasons. Sometimes flocks of these birds create dangerous conditions for the aircrafts and can also cause problems at airports leading to flight delays. Gull droppings get accumulated in great numbers and this brings damage to the structure because uric acid is present in them. Droppings give an overall disgusting look, make people slip and fall and worst part is that they transmit different kinds of diseases. There is presence of fungi, bacteria as well as ecto-parasites inside gull droppings and these can produce many serious health related conditions. In short, seagulls in large numbers produce undesirable effects so it is best that proper control methods should be adopted for their removal in the best possible manner.

Control methods: Let’s discuss some of the most effective seagull control methods that will be a great help in dealing with the problem.
1. Sheepdogs have a very high position in list of methods that are used for the purpose of controlling seagull. They will chase the birds scaring them away and can bring 99 % clarity in the region. It is best to patrol with dog during the hours when gull activity is at its peak because in this manner maximum number of birds can be sacred away.

2. Taking help from a predator is also a good idea and effective as well when you want to scare the birds away. You can deploy hawk at the site where there is over activity of seagulls because they can scare the birds away, but some will also be attacked by the predator. Nevertheless the results which you will get after deploying a predator are more than good.

3. Understanding the nature of bird also helps in designing strategies for their removal. It has been noticed that gulls normally prefer to reach high points on chimneys and roofs so if you will move ahead with the installation or placement of parallel wires, steel spikes or netting in such areas then bird perching can be avoided in the easiest possible way. The birds will find it difficult to land on these regions so they will fly away.

4. There is an abundance of deterrent products present inside markets. There are gadgets such as amplifiers, cannons etc. that are good at scaring the bird away from your property. There are paints and sprays available that make sticky surfaces which irritate the birds effectively. In addition to this, there are many other products, which can be used but effectiveness of different products shows great variations.

5. Metal electric zappers are convincing products because they don’t bring any considerable harm. They work in a very fine manner as strips that are flat carry electrostatic pulses and give the birds shock incentives so they are discouraged and seek another place for landing properly.

6. Products that have the potential of bouncing and spinning can distract birds and they are discouraged from settling down. There are mechanical spiders, which can provide this kind of effect. You can use these as well for availing interesting results.

7. Gulls are scared of brighter and scary faces and this concept has been used in the making of products that are commonly known as Terror Eyes. You can find them easily in market and placing them at a prominent place of your house can drive the birds away in a convincing manner.

8. For baffling birds shiny materials can also be used and the best part is that mirrored tapes are also inexpensive, but can only be used in the form of short term solutions. There is also another product, which is known as optical gel and it’s also used in dealing with the birds in an effective manner.

These were some prominent strategies that can be used for seagull control, but we strongly recommend that you should first of all remove all those elements which make a place attractive for these creatures so that they can be driven away.